Following the online-survey studies (analysis of curricula and learning environments throughout the PLURICLIL Pilot Schools Network) we finally wanted to “go out” and visit our wonderful pilot schools at location, get to know the surroundings and do some video documentation for purposes of our project, as well. But, as we all know, here we are, stuck at our screens, and as there really is nothing we can do about this, we just need to remain creative and seek for alternative solutions to keep our activities running at full speed – whilst waiting for the world to change for the better again. In other words: we are about to conclude the initial analysis phase and will be moving on to the introduction of the LPL throughout the PSN now. Obviously, all this will need to happen in an online distance-mode, thus we have prepared some materials to guide the teachers and students in the PSN through this activity. The students will get acquainted with the simulations and the assessment tools which they will be using even more later on in the project, and the teachers, again, will receive a more detailed insight into simulation structures and the screenplay-techniques – not least as an inspiration for the co-operative manuscript planning at a later stage. So far, so good – we will, of course, keep you posted, as things roll on.