Profiling Learning Progression in CLIL Environments through Computer Simulations


Immersive Simulation Journeys through Languages, Cultures and Subject Contents


Digital Performance-Lab Services for Training, Documentation and Assessment of Cross-Curricular Competences


Intensive research-insights into acquisition of foreign languages and cultural competencies in institutional settings have brought about a new approach on designing and implementing film-based computer simulations for training, documentation and assessment of linguistic and cultural competencies.

This approach, the so called LangPerform concept, demonstrably opens up dimensions yet unknown for individual training, systematic documentation, as well as for continuous and user-friendly testing and assessment of competencies in languages and cultures as recommended and aimed at through internationally recognized support instruments of institutional language education (e.g. the European Language Portfolio (ELP) and the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) – and all this within the LangPerform Online-Lab, completely independent of place and time.

Building on these principles and the experiences gained through similar research and development activities so far, the ProfiCom project provides a platform for unique immersive journeys through language, culture and subject contents in film-based computer simulation settings, in which there are no mere spectators, but only active participants instead…


The main activities of the ProfiCom project include e.g.

  • Design, production and implementation of three film-based computer simulation units for purposes of early cross-curricular language education in English-medium CLIL settings
  • Piloting of the online assessment solutions of the LangPerform Online-Assessment Laboratory in close co-operation with the learners and the teachers of the participating schools
  • Analysis, evaluation and reporting of the pilot project and its activities for purposes of expert audiences, the project co-operation network and the representatives of sc. wider public
  • Composition and compilation of expert reports on the use of the computer simulations and the corresponding assessment solutions with respect to further and wider use of the instruments for purposes of language(s) and intercultural education, as well as the “cross-curricular internationalization of education” in general terms


Throughout the various activities and phases, special attention in the ProfiCom project has been paid e.g. to the following goals:

  • Supporting the acquisition and teaching of linguistic and (inter-)cultural competences in interdisciplinary settings through film-based and game-like computer simulations with immersive plot elements
  • Facilitating and fostering high quality documentation and evaluation of learning performances, and supporting individual learning by utilizing corresponding online assessment solutions (LangPerformLab)
  • Implementing (principles of) the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) within the functionalities of the online learning and evaluation environment LangPerformLab
  • Encouraging and helping learners in recognizing the synergetic interrelations between formal (explicit) and informal (implicit) acquisition of linguistic and cultural knowledge and skills in school education
  • Exploring and analyzing possibilities for further development and wider-scale use of the computer simulations and the online assessment tools of the LangPerformLab
  • Supporting the development and pilot implementation of up-to-date and innovative research tools allowing for novel research access to learning progression and its documentation in CLIL environments

Contact & Co-operation

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ProfiCom – a research and development project carried out jointly by


City of Tampere (Basic Education)


Turku University Training School

and generously supported through the Finnish National Agency for Education


Have a look at the first trial implementation of ProfiCom-simulation units at the Finnish International School of Tampere (FISTA)

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