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For Educational Settings, Private Use and Working Life Contexts

LangPerformLab – Profiling Language Performance since 2007:

Individual Language (Learning) Profiling


The very first preparatory step for your simulation adventures – in support of your language (learning) awareness, language use and the overall assessment of your communicative performance.


Simulation Journeys

Video-based immersion adventures through languages and cultures, in different settings and spaces, through changing sceneries and real-life situations…

Self- and Peer-Assessment

How well did you perform this time? Go ahead, analyse your own performance and let your teacher or any other evaluation expert of your choice know what YOU think of your own perfomance – via any mobile device, wherever and whenever you like.


Language Performance Analysis

Based on your individual language profiling, your simulation performance(s) and your self-assessment, the LangPerform-Online Lab enables an accurate and comprehensive analysis of your communication performance for various purposes of education and working life – through your teacher, coach or other evaluation professional and, of course, independent of place and time.



LangPerformLab – only for you.

You would like to use LangPerform simulations for your specific training purposes or for an innovative documentation, research or evaluation measure? Absolutely no problem! Please let us know about your idea HERE and we will show you very soon, how elastic the LPL can be!

LP – The story so far.

The LangPerform language simulation concept – in short: LP – comprises evidence, experiences and insights from research and development work in the field since the beginning of the present millenium.

We are happy – and a bit proud, too – to shed light on some milestones of the LP-story right here – Have a look!

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