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We at crealang. research & innovation strongly believe that it is absolutely no disadvantage for research to be of advantage. We always do our best to make big and small research measures succeed and love to see research findings evolve to evidence-based innovations – and this also for research purposes.


Crealang. operations are, by their nature, evidence-based, research-driven and multidisciplinary. Emerging especially from studies in applied linguistics, foreign language didactics and language education, the r & d –profile of Crealang. has grown over the years to cover related topics also in the field of language (education) policy and curriculum development, as well as some new openings in film production and human-computer interaction (HCI).

Visit our project gallery for a quick overview of some of our recent project measures. For a thorough picture of our r & d – profile and – cooperation enquiries, please get in touch with us here.


Without the significant range of project measures in both local and regional, as well as in national and international settings, the research and development profile of Crealang. would be far away from what it is today.

Have a look below for an overview of some measures which have either contributed to the Crealang. initiative in the first place or are shaping its current pathways in research and development.


Content and Language Integrated Learning in German – State of the Art and Development Potential in Europe


Content and Language Integrated Learning in Languages Other Than English – Getting Started!


Content and Language Integrated Learning in German – Scandinavian Profiles


Schule im Wandel | School in Transition

ProfiDaF I

Profilierung sprachlich-kultureller Kompetenzen in Deutsch als Fremdsprache mittels Computersimulationen

ProfiDaF II

Profilierung sprachlich-fachlicher Kompetenzen in Deutsch als Fremdsprache mittels Computersimulationen


Profiling Learning Progression through Computer Simulations in CLIL-Environments


Development and Use of Multimodal Tools and Techniques for Profiling Oral Language Proficiency


Ein Überblick mit Einblick – Erhebungsstudie und Videodokumentationen zu CLILiG in Finnland


Profiling Language Performance through Computer Simulations in Upper Secondary Education


Profiling Language Performance Across Curriculum through Computer Simulations in Upper Secondary Education


Innovative Wege und Werkzeuge für integriertes Lernen in der Zielsprache Deutsch weltweit


Landscapes for Immersive Learning in Europe: Pathways and Goals & Materials and Mindsets

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